Corporation: [DEFX]Depheux
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Mission Statement

Depheux is a USA based Eve Echos Corporation that focuses on production, market manipulation, mining, and PVP. Our members will be equally paid based on the total resources accumulated during any mining op or mission.

At Depheux, we expect your Eve Echo's account to be in good standings and for you to not depend on the corporation financially supporting you. We will generate a profit, but there may be times when profits need to grow into larger outcomes.

Corporate Goals

Our main goal is to create an environment of freedom and success for all our members. Toghether, we can conquer systems to then monopolize items within the market. Our alliances will also be evenly integrated with what we want as a galactic union.

Depheux Strategy

As a united corporation, we will explore profitable arbitrage opportunities with Mining and bulk orders in specific regions. We will help our closest alliances as long as Depheux is their closest trade partner. For subjects of a negative influence to our wants, we will minipulate the markets to reach our true objective, To Make Money. So let us create our vision of Freedom.